Offshore Development Team

Our offshore R&D & development team is highly experienced and has been developing applications for global clients.

This model has helped many of our clients to cut their application development & maintenance cost.

We also provide exclusively dedicated team to our clients. It has great advantage such as;

  • - You can access to a wide range of technology skills
  • - You have no overhead expenses and management hassles
  • - You can actively participate in selecting the team members
  • - Our team adapts to your requirements, practices, and even culture
  • - We have speedier ramp-up times for new projects
  • - The accumulated expertise stays in the team and is transferred back in-house
  • - It makes shift overlapping and round-the-clock programming feasible
  • - Fixed monthly fee for each team member and for the whole team

This business model offers one of the greatest cost advantage to you than other options.