Mobile App to control GSM Switch

The WT-1672 GSM Remote Monitoring & Remote Control Switch Application is capable of monitor 1 digital input, 1 analogue input, 1 pulse counter input, controlling 1 relay output & power outages notification function. The App can monitor 1 digital input. A call and SMS alarm message is sent when inputs triggered.

Major Features

The App can Switch On any application like lamps, pumps, heaters, motor etc. Output relay can be also switched ON or OFF by calling its cell phone number or by sending an SMS command, there is no call charges incurred when dialling the unit as it recognizes authorised number calling it & reject others. 

Call to SIM Card Number will switch the device OFF permanently. Another Call to the SIM Card will switch the device ON permanently.

The GSM Remote Control system supports timer function, the user can set schedule to turn on / off the switch. You can setup start value, interval alert value alert, interval time to alert, total value to alarm. When total value alarm occurrence, it activates relay outputs & sends SMS / dial to authorize Ph. No. 

The unit detects loss of power. Once power outage is detected, the unit will call and SMS to your cell phone and / or sound an auditable alert.