Mobile based Enterprise Application Development

Optimal Health is an application for providing key stakeholders in healthcare fraternity like patients, doctors, hospitals, 3rd party insurers, corporate managers to access and carry out functions that otherwise are carried our manually. One can ask a doctor, schedule appointment, check test reports & download, receive health alerts, check claims status etc. The App uses client’s web server database and provides dynamic outputs.

The scope of the project that ran for 2 years included mobile delivery platforms on iOS, Android, and a web e-commerce interface plus an integrated CRM module that assists in e-commerce as well as product management.

Major features-

Online appointment by checking database for availability of doctors, services. 

Customized health alerts fetched from database.

View & download all patient information, including past test reports.

Medical Checkup Summary and Recommendations.

Finding out Designated Service providers & comparing their services.

Tele Consulting <Talk to Doctor> 24/7 

Find Nearest GP Clinic (Integrated with GPS Co-ordinates)

Find Nearest Hospitals, Specialists etc.

E-Books, Videos on Health & Wellness

E-Wallet, Vouchers, NFC