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Case Study 1


Retail/ Business Supplies and Equipment

Client Profile

Janeice Products Co Inc., founded in 2012 is an online supplier of industrial, janitorial, MRO products, and safety tools in North America. It offers a wide product selection including pallet trucks, fork attachments, storage solutions, industrial ladders, and material handling, drum handling, loading dock, ergonomic, and packaging equipment, and much more. JPC has carved a niche for itself by providing dependable service.


  • Technical limitations with a non-responsive support team.
  • The admin was unable to make any modifications to vendor products in terms of prices, technical specifications, or other data.
  • No scale-ability and support over product image display.
  • No price specifications for individual products.
  • The product catalog wasn’t streamlined, making discoverability a problem for new and returning users.
  • Without competitor analysis, the website was unable to outperform its competition.
  • Inability to prevent unauthorized access to data/information.
  • Non user-friendly store, which discouraged users from shopping.
  • Higher cost with a low value product/ service (Hidden costs).
  • Low website performance.


With over 15 years in this industry, our team of experts deployed our flagship e-commerce solution “Cogent Web Apps” that resolved all of JPC’s problems with improved e-business management as well as user experience.

Business Domain Expertise:

We have gained tremendous knowledge of the e-commerce industry, which helps them provide innovative solutions supported with resilient technical systems. Competitor analysis helps them formulate strategies that are used to bolster their client’s position in the online ecosystem.


  • Microsoft .Net Platform
  • SQL Server
  • Asp.Net MVC
  • Entity Framework

Data Analytics:

Our team has transformed the client’s old e-commerce business flow into an advanced online e-commerce portal. This helps in better managing the products as well providing a brilliant user interface and shopping experience for the customer. To provide this solution, Futurism has used advanced data warehousing techniques, which include:

1. Dedicated support at all times during day-to-day functioning. Solving real-time problems for the client.

2. Complete flexibility in data and price management of vendor products.

3. Data optimization including:

  • Improved data migration techniques
  • Better product categorization
  • Overall data restructuring to ensure optimal user experience

4. Operational and external data segregation.

5. Creating data models for the website, which help business owners identify pain areas and make improvements accordingly.

6. Applying advanced data analysis techniques with our data analytics tools providing rich meaningful information for process improvement


The client now enjoys higher revenue through improved user experience as well as better employee efficiency. Some of the benefits accrued are:

Highest Security Standards Used

Secure shopping experience provided through PCI DSS-compliant 3DES algorithm used for data encryption.

User-friendly Website

The website now provides a superior experience to each shopper. It rivals the best in the industry.

  • Improved customer engagement – Increased time on website
  • Higher conversions
  • Higher number of return customers

Systematic back-end

  • Streamlined inventory management system
  • Online & offline access
  • Business Improvements
  • Higher employee efficiency with better back-end system
  • Real-time monetary gains with higher sales
  • Managing inventory is much easier
  • Using detailed analysis, better business decisions can be made at the Management level.


Case Study 2



Client Profile

Distributor of material handling equipment since 1982. They provide work room furniture, wheels, casters, carts, hand trucks, mobile storage systems, racks, shelving, modular drawers, ladders, moving equipment, mailroom equipment, and shop cabinets.


Casters, Hand Truck Carts and Dollies, Lockers, Storage Equipment, Wheels, Dock Equipment, Modular Furniture, Racks.

Project Background

Since 1982, bmh equipment inc. has been providing Material Handling solutions. bmh equipment inc. features the full line of mobile shelving by Montel, warehouse racking by Hannibal, & casters and wheels by Colson, Aubin, and Darnell. bmh equipment inc. inventory also includes carts and hand trucks by Magliner, Dutro and Raymond, and ladders, moving equipment, mailroom equipment, and shop cabinets by Lista. The bmh goal is to sell and service material handling equipment efficiently.

Traditionally rooted in the Automation industry, bmh has its own way of doing business, which involves:

  • Hiring staff to manage all business activities.
  • Operating the business from a single physical location.
  • Business growth depends on the frequency of new and old customers buying from them to keep the business running.
  • Both parties sign agreements for the business deal.
  • Order is generated after agreement sign-up.
  • After successful order delivery, payment will be proceed.

In the last few decades, bmh has grown exponentially. Since their technology has made waves in the world, bmh has envisioned launching an online store, which will serve their customers through online as well as offline order fulfillment.


  • Mirroring offline business processes in the online business for a streamlined experience.
  • Conducting thorough competitor analysis to ensure highest standing in the online marketplace
  • Creating a store which will be user-friendly for all customers types
  • Processing orders in a way, which will enhance traditional business processing methods.
  • Creating data structure that is clean and technically vibrant.
  • Fitting the business flow in the ecommerce business.
  • Collecting data from various vendors.
  • Giving the User a premium shopping experience.


Futurism has been providing superior e-commerce solutions for over 15 years. Utilizing this in-depth experience, Futurism has developed an easy-to-use high performance ecommerce solution “Cogent Web Apps”. Cogent not only helped but also enhanced bmh equipment inc’s online business utilizing:

1. Business Domain Expertise

Having broad-based domain expertise in the automotive industry, Futurism is aware of the nuances of the industry and its products. This helped us pinpoint the pain areas of the client’s business. It has also helped us mirror the offline business flow in the e-commerce business.

2. Technologies Used

  • Microsoft .Net Platform
  • SQL Server
  • Asp.Net MVC
  • Entity Framework

3. Data Analytics

Futurism has transformed the client’s traditional business into a powerful online business. This ensures that customers have a superior experience that is futuristic and at the same time has its roots in the offline business. This gives customers a uniform experience across all platforms. To fulfil this vision, Futurism has used Advanced Data Warehousing techniques, which include:

  • Data extraction
  • Segregation in the form of operational and external data
  • Data cleaning
  • Transforming data into strategic data form
  • Segregation of transformed data on the basis of B2B and B2C user approach
  • Creating data model
  • Applying advanced data analysis techniques using cutting-edge data analytics tools


Revolutionary automotive ecommerce website (www.bmhequipment.com)

Cogent is optimized in accordance with the client’s target audience and products ensuring superior user experience.

Revenue generation with low marketing expenditure.

Customer engagement.

Strengthened business decision making utilizing data-driven methodologies.

Case Study 3


Automotive Aftermarket Retail

Client Profile

PERFORMANCE DRIVE LINE is a leading automotive part retailer. They also provide services related to automotive restoration, part installation, and other ancillary services. The e-commerce portal serving as its main sale channel, PDL aims to deeply engage each and every visitor that browses its website.


Sale of automotive parts as well as restoration of vintage cars.

Project Background

Performance Drive Line (PDL) has carved a niche for itself in the automotive industry. PDL is a well-known distributor of automotive parts. They provide these products through their ecommerce website. They are ranked as one of the top sellers of drive shafts on www.ebay.com. They also provide car restoration and refurbishment services.

The client’s website was created using a leading ecommerce platform. However, due to poor performance, the client decided to opt for Cogent Web Apps (CWA). They made the switch because of CWA’s user-friendly interface and backend system. Hard to find products led to reduced user engagement. The aesthetics as well as the functionality wasn’t conducive to making a sale.


  • Giving the website a new look while maintaining the feel of the old website.
  • Since the website wasn’t user friendly, it had negligible traffic
  • Creating a store, which is user-friendly for all customer types.
  • No structured catalog on the website.
  • Scattered data flow and minimal product information.
  • Low ROI from marketing efforts directed towards the Client’s official website
  • No revenue generation from the website due to lack of simplicity in the website navigation
  • Manual inputs for various fields in the RFQ form.
  • Customizations were not made by the ecommerce website management service provider in order to service international clients
  • Unpleasant shopping and browsing experience.


Futurism has offered their brilliant e-commerce product “Cogent Web Apps”, which not only resolved all challenges but also enhanced the Performance Drive Line’s user experience with:

1. Business Domain Expertise:

Futurism has immense experience working with clients in the automotive industry. With detailed analysis of user behavior and expectations, we are able to provide a solution that ensures conversions.

2. Improving User Experience

The following methods have been employed to improve user experience:

  • Using a UX-oriented website design (Colors, layout, font, etc.)
  • Simplifying website navigation making sure all elements are discoverable
  • Consolidating all website data, streamlining it, and presenting it in an attractive yet easy to consume manner

3. Technology:

  • Microsoft .Net Platform
  • SQL Server
  • Asp.Net MVC
  • Entity Framework
  • HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Bootstrap, Material Design.


Making the website user-friendly has increased user engagement,

Streamlining data as well as including easy-to-use ‘ordering’ features has sped up the order placement process

Efficient back end system helps in speeding up the order fulfillment process by greatly reducing the time taken to process an order

Revenue generation with reduced marketing expenditure.

Product placement has been improved on the entire website ensuring higher user engagement